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The CAIRN Trust is a UK registered children's charity dedicated to ensuring that every child in Nepal is given the opportunity to gain an education. Our efforts are focused on helping rural communities, where over 26 million people (81% of the Nepalese population) live and education is still inaccessible for many.

Our Mission

Every child deserves an enriching education.

Our Core Programmes

CAIRN delivers four educational programmes that have maximum impact, are appropriate to the financial and geographical needs and within the capacities of the benefiting communities to operate and maintain.

In order to ensure that the communities are responsible, and feel a sense of ownership for the projects, we involve them in as many stages of the work as possible. We strive to ensure that the communities can sustain the projects after CAIRN ends its support.

CAIRN Schools & Libraries

Constructing, furnishing and resourcing educational buildings so that children have an improved access to education in safe and secure homes for learning.

CAIRN has installed:

  • 23 Schools
  • 36 Libraries
  • 1 Hostel

Find out more:

CAIRN Schools

CAIRN Libraries

CAIRN Educational Awards (CEA)

Identifying the poorest children and providing them with essential educational materials including uniforms, stationery and books and mentoring support so that they can attend school regularly.

CAIRN has:

  • Supported over 1660 children's education through our CEA's programme
  • Ensured that over 50% of CEAs are given to girls in our communities.

Find out more about CAIRN Educational Awards

CAIRN Early Years Programme (formerly CAIRN Nursery Schools)

Renovating classrooms and training teachers so that pre-primary and primary level pupils learn in interactive and engaging lessons.


  • Improving lessons for 1844 pupils
  • Supporting 140 teachers over 19 schools

Find out more about CAIRN Early Years Programme

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our team conducts regular monitoring and evaluation to ensure that our projects run effectively and efficiently. Through this monitoring, our teams are able to consistently keep improving the projects and ensure that we have the best impact on the children. Click here to read more about our monitoring and evaluation.

Our Core Values

  • We place children and education at the heart of everything we do
  • We value and nurture partnerships
  • We respect local cultures and the communities in which we operate
  • We are efficient and transparent in our work
  • We regularly incorporate improvements into the project cycle

Our Commitment

Our goal supports the Education For All campaign (EFA), which is a global commitment by international leaders to provide quality basic education to all children, youth and adults. Our work also helps to address at least three of the Millennium Development Goals:

  • To achieve universal primary education
  • To promote gender equality
  • To eradicate extreme poverty & hunger.