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Monitoring and Evaluation

The CAIRN Trust is committed to delivering projects that are efficiently and effectively run in order to provide the greatest benefits to children and their communities in rural Nepal. By constant monitoring of our projects we are able to:

  • Track project delivery ensuring that we continue working effectively towards our mission.
  • Identify strengths and opportunities in order to make timely improvements to our projects.
  • Provide accurate, relevant and timely data and information to our donors.

We have trained people in place to visit our projects regularly and conduct regular monitoring and evaluation. By using a number of methods e.g. interviews, site visits and surveys with key people such as students, teachers, village communities' members and other NGOs we are able to gather information about the project delivery.

What We Do

CAIRN Schools & Libraries - On an annual basis, we review our CAIRN Schools, Libraries and Nursery Schools are being used based on the following criteria- occupancy, attendance rate and pass rate/year.

CAIRN Educational Awards - On a quarterly basis we review an Award recipient's attendance and performance both at school and also in their home environment. Where a child requires additional support at home we will look at them as part of the CAIRN Communities project. We track a student's annual end of year result and the advancement rate for the students within a community.

Lessons Learnt

CAIRN Schools - Over the last year, we have realised that building schools is only the beginning. Schools are more than just four walls, and essential teaching supplies and equipment for both the teachers and children are also needed. As a result, in October 2010, the Schools Maintenance Programme was started. This project initially assesses what teaching equipment each school requires ranging from blackboards to chalk. These requirements will be further reviewed on a six month basis and any additional supplies distributed. In future, all new schools built will have this incorporated. We have also learnt that two of our schools are not performing to our required standards. These schools are being reviewed to see what further action is needed.

CAIRN Educational Awards - We have reviewed the current CEA package that we offer to the students and incorporated a number of changes e.g. ink pens replaced for biros, shoes replaced for chappals (flip-flops), inclusion of a rain mac and bi-annual worming tablets. In addition, in some of the villages where we are supporting children through CEAs, we have created extra employment by training village tailors to sew new school uniforms. The CEA package is reviewed annually to ensure that we are providing the best support to our students.