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Corporate Support

Thank you to our following corporate supporters:




Trotters Childrenswear & Accessories




Anya Hindmarch

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How Can Your Company Get Involved?

As well as making a real difference to the lives of the poorest children in Nepal, by supporting The CAIRN Trust, your company could also benefit from:

  • Increased teamwork and loyalty among staff by demonstrating the company's commitment to helping others
  • The ability to offset charitable donations against corporation tax
  • Opportunities to motivate staff and develop skills through volunteering or fundraising events
  • Offering simple employee focused schemes, such as Payroll Giving, that are straightforward to set up but demonstrate your company's commitment to social responsibility
  • Positive publicity

In return, we will provide:

  • A dedicated team who will work with you to maximise the benefit of the partnership
  • Cost-effective solutions. It costs just £8 a month to send a child to school for a year, so every pound you raise can have a significant impact in lifting poor communities out of poverty. It will be easy for your company to see the difference you are making.
  • A library of powerful, visual images to support our work and give impact to publicity

Fundraise For Our Projects

Your staff can organise their own fundraising events. We will shortly have some great ideas to share with you. We would love to hear any successful fundraising ideas you may have to share with our donors.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsor one or a number of children to receive a CAIRN Award or another corporate project such as building your own school.

Fund a Project

Your company may prefer to make a donation to a particular project such as building a school or library.

Give Through Your Salary

Set up an employee contribution scheme.


Donate a fixed amount or percentage for every product or service sold.

Gifts in Kind

Donate a gift which can be used as competition or auction prizes, for example holidays, cameras or gift vouchers.

If your company would like further information about setting up a corporate partnership with us, please contact The CAIRN team on +44 (0)1425 481500 or email