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CAIRN Project Updates

We completed our original goal of improving the educational lives of 14,000 children and our four core programmes continue to develop, reaching more child beneficiaries in the rural hill villages.


CAIRN Schools

Our skilled construction partners have successfully worked on four new school projects:

  • The completion of four classrooms in a new stand-alone school building in the Gorkha district, so that pupils no longer have to share one cramped classroom between two grades.
  • The completion of four brand new classrooms in the Baglung district
  • Six new classrooms in the Parbat district that is awaiting its internal finishing touches
  • The near completion of a large ten room school construction in the Baglung district, involving the demolition of the original school that was built over 60 years ago.

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CAIRN Libraries

We continue to learn from and develop our Library Programme which has gone from strength to strength as we have:

  • Installed 10 new libraries within a cluster in the Syangja district
  • Recruited a new Library Mobiliser, who has been assisting in the monitoring and evaluation of our first 20 libraries
  • Started investigating the best ways to introduce technology into our libraries
  • Handed over 12 libraries out of our 36 to their communities after their 5 year training and handover programme

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CAIRN Educational Awards

CAIRN has been supporting the poorest children in their struggle to gain an education for 10 years. In the last year our programme has expanded and we are:

  • Supporting a further 190 new pupils in two new areas
  • Motivating pupils to attend their end of year exam and achieving an 89% pass rate (a 5% increase on last year)
  • Introducing a new social worker to the team to assist with the increase in pupils


CAIRN Emergency Educational Materials

CAIRN distributed emergency educational materials  for a second year in Upper Gorkha, where we and our partners, SATHI Nepal, reached 1650 children in 4 communities; Kerauja, Kasigaon, Hulchowk, and Manbu. These communities are still hugely suffering the effects of the 2015 earthquakes.


CAIRN Early Years

Our CAIRN Early Years Programme focuses on teacher training for pre-primary and primary level teachers. We have begun to introduce the youngest pupils to excellent education in 19 schools across four different cluster locations by:

  • Renovating, furnishing and equipping 48 classrooms
  • Delivering a two week residential training course for 140 teachers and head teachers that concentrated on practical teaching skills and interactive and engaging learning
  • Placing four trained experts in the field to continue developing teachers in their clusters

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